The love list

imageOne of the things that I do when I am feeling lost or confused or unsure about my life is to write a ‘love list’ of all the things in my life that I love. I find that it helps me to focus in on who I am when I might have forgotten and also points the way to feeling gratitude about all the good stuff.

Writing a ‘love list’ also helps me to discover new things about myself, new hobbies I might want to pursue and new areas to shine a light on. It’s  a pathway back to the things that bring me joy.

It can be really really simple and it can be literally about anything you love. Anything at all. I also find that it starts off with the obvious things but as you dig a bit deeper, all kinds of stuff comes to the surface.

Here is one of mine:

– I love my kids (obviously, the beats of my heart)

– I love my husband

– I love my family

– I love all my friends

– I love a cup of tea

– I love sleeping and to rest

– I love reading non- fiction

– I love sunshine

– I love camping and being outside in nature

– I love getting my feet in the grass

– I love stargazing

– I love watching my children play

– I love sitting by the sea

– I love to buy a new dress

– I love taking pictures

– I love art on my walls

– I love to draw

– I love to write my journal

– I love to run

– I love long walks

– I love to go to national trust gardens (uk)

– I love a cup of tea and a cake at a national trust tea room

– I love music especially live music

– I love music festivals especially Glastonbury

– I love to wear glitter

– I love veggie food

– I love cooking

– I love 80’s movies like Dirty Dancing and Ghostbusters

– I love to read to my kids

– I love dancing in my lounge

– I love dancing in muddy fields at festivals

– I love travelling and backpacking

– I love new experiences

– I love to meditate

– I love to exercise in my lounge

– I love singing loudly when I am driving

– I love quotes

– I love writing a love list

Focus on what you love, focus on the good stuff and the nice things and the happy things and often the simplest things. I do believe these are the pathways to joy.





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